These are our current residents at BlueSky - 10 handsome boys & 1 gorgeous girl. So currently we have : 10 kids on site, 1 kid in hopsital, 9 live-in ayis, a cook, Dr He & Tania, and volunteers


Updated: May 9, 2005

If you'd like more information on any child, or are interested in sponsoring them for their daily living expenses, medical fees, etc, please contact us.

JiDe from Xining, Qinghai. Born without an anus. He is now (Jan 2005) back home recovering from his third and final surgery, which went well. He also does NOT have Hepetitis B ! Update: May 2005 - JiDe will be turning 1 year old on May 10th ! He is almost walking !   Fu Kang from Jiaozuo, Henan. Born with a hole in the heart, he is awaiting heart surgery. He turned 2years old in Nov 04, and loves to hug BaoBao ! Update: Fukang is waiting for his passport to be processed so that his surgery cna be arranged in Singapore. He has VSD (hole in the heart) and requires surgery for normal development.
WenJie from Jiaozuo, Henan, was born with Hirschsprung's Disease. He had surgery to remove the part of the intestine that had no nerve endings. He turned 1yr old in October 04, and loves to do jumping jacks when being held! Update: WenJie has finally started walking and now does so with lots of attitude. He is waiting to be processed for adoption.   Tian Xi, from Jiaozuo, Henan, has bilateral cleft lip and palate. He was 7 days old when he came to stay at BlueSky. Update: Tian Xi, after further tests, has a small hole in the heart that does not require surgery. He also has a malformed trachea that causes him to have difficulty feeding. He is waiting for surgery to repair his cleft lip and palate, and has a rare condition called "Van Der Woulde Syndrome" that is represented by 2 lip growths that look like teeth.
Xiao En, from Jiaozuo, Henan, also born with bilateral cleft lip and palate. He's the loudest baby we have ! He's also got a double thumb! He was born in September 04.Update: Xiao En has had the first stage of surgery to repair his cleft lip. When he is 1 yr old, he will undergo surgery to repair his palate. He is STILL one of our loudest babies, but now he can't open his mouth as wide to let the cries out. But he tries.   Shen Li, from Shunyi in Beijing, was born with Tetralogy of Fallot (4 abnormalities), and a malformed trachea. He has difficulty swallowing, and takes over an hour to feed. He is awaiting surgery, and we are actively raising funds for the cost of the surgery. It will cost between 50,000 rmb and 80,000rmb. He has just started to learn to smile ! Update: 24Jan05) : Shen Li will only have surgery sometime end February or March. He's been eating better, and looks a little rounder in the face. At 6 months old, he still only weighs 4.3 kg. Update: Shen Li has had his heart surgery that went very successfully. He was discharged 2 weeks after surgery back into our care, and has been doing very well. He is finally putting on weight, and doctors are so impressed with his recovery that they are confident that he will lead life as a normal healthy boy.

Luo Fei from Fujian province. Born in March 2002, he is undergoing hormone therapy (twice weekly injections) to fully make him a boy. He will then have surgery to complete the process. Update: Luo Fei, who came to us a few months ago not speaking a word of mandarin, can now hold conversations with everyone. He is a clever little boy who will probably have surgery in May.

  Tian Meng Li, or LiLi for short is from Shijiazhuang. She was born 27 October 2004 and has excessively dry and peeling skin. She is very doing well. Update: Lili's skin condition remains the same - it comes and goes. She is a beautiful and healthy girl otherwise.

Jian Gong is from WuQiu orphanage. He has clubbed feet and a congenital hand disorder called arthrogryposis. We saw him at the orphanage rolling on the ground for mobility. He is 7 years old, and has been growing up amongst mentally handicapped children. He appears to be intelligent, but has never been educated, let alone seen a television. We decided to bring him to Beijing to see what can be done for his feet and hands, as well as to provide him with a more stimulating environment and some education. Currently he does not have a wheelchair of his own, and we need to find one that fits him. In one photo on our mission page, he is using Dang Qian's wheelchair (with her permission of course). Update: Jian Gong has had surgery on both his feet and one knee. He may need a second surgery to complete the process of repositioning his feet and enabling him to walk. His feet are currently in a cast, and this gets changed every few weeks. He is pictured above in an adult wheelchair donated by Pfizer, but we are working on getting him a child wheelchair soon. He will also start his lesson plan in May with our new teacher on staff.

  Tian Long Long is a 4 year old boy from HouMa in Shanxi province. He has already had surgery for spina bifida as a baby, and does not have any control over his bowels or urine. We helped him get surgery to repair his clubbed feet and he is recovering well. He is so sweet and bubbly.
  This is Tian You - our youngest baby arrival at 5 days old ! He was born on April 6th 2005, and found on the streets of HouMa, Shanxi in a box. He was picked up and brought to a local hospital that strongly advised he be taken to a large hospital for care, as his condition was too severe for them to deal with. He was born with bladder exstrophy (bladder is outside of the body), imperforate anus, and is missing a kidney. He is our most severe medical case to date, and he will need several surgeries over time. Upon arrival in Beijing, we rushed him straight to the paediatric hospital and his open wound was cleaned up. He is now awaiting for surgery to replace the bladder back in the body, but is generally eating and sleeping well.