Shen Li - our boy with Tetralogy of Fallot

This picture was taken a day after he arrived at Blue Sky on 7 September 04.

Here he is 6 days later on 13 Sept. His face has already filled out a little and he is more responsive to our constant loving coos. Some staff even think his skinny legs have fattened up in 6 days ! Shen Li will probably undergo heart surgery in a month or so.
September at Blue Sky Healing Home !

GuaiGuai, seen here with her own caretaker, is 4 years old and recently taken out of an orphanage. She has severe cerebral palsey. We have also been told that she has yet to eat solid foods.

She and YuanYuan will stay for a 2 week physical therapy training course.

YuanYuan, also with his own caretaker, is about a year old, and was recently abandoned at an orphanage. He appears to be blind and may simply have little movement because of lack of stimulation.
The 3 amigos. From left, FuKang, WenJie & JiDe. All are doing well, and we're speculating that little JiDe (who turned 4mths on the 10th of Sept) will soon outgrow his 2 friends.


ZhengLin is 5 years old and is blind. Her caretaker is being trained with us on how to better care for ZhengLin. She's a lovely girl with the cutest giggle.