The little girl who started it all !

The Blue Sky Healing Home is dedicated to an abandoned baby girl, by the name of Tian Bao. She came into our world with a massive abdominal defect and was given little hope to survive. With a fighting spirit like no other, Tian Bao did survive and was brought to Beijing for proper treatment and care. She has touched the hearts of many during her healing process, and is the most feisty and intelligent little girl in town. She will be 2 years old in June 2005. For more on her story, please visit BaoBao's Story

Blue Sky hopes to give many more little Tian Baos (which means “Heavenly Treasure” in chinese) the chance they deserve in life.

Who We Are

Blue Sky was founded in 2004 by Tania Hoahing and Molly Albers. As volunteers, they shared the same vision of bettering the lives of disabled and sick orphans. On several occasions when visiting orphanages, the same thought would cross their minds, “if only we could take this child out from here for a little while for special care ”. Molly has returned home to St Louis, USA, in April 2005, with her adopted daughter Sophie.

Tania, from Singapore, came to Beijing in August 2003, as a housewife. She began volunteering after a few initial weeks as an expatriate "taitai" - the local term for "Mrs". She worked with a few different groups helping orphans, and was most active at the medical foster home that was home to Tian Bao. She helped bring children to and from hospital for their check-ups and surgeries. Tania's most rewarding moments came from witnessing an almost dying child receive the medical treatment needed, and recover with the love, care and patience of the caretakers and volunteers of the foster home. Considering the stresses of the children's medical conditions, a loving environment makes their recovery so much easier.

Tian Bao came home to live with Tania as the foster home where Tian Bao was living, was overcrowded. Through her contunued volunteering at orphanages, Tania could see that there were many more kids in orphanages that needed help, so it didn’t take long before she decided to bite the bullet and start a foster home. It's been extremely hard work, but the smiles of the children make it all unbelievably worth it.

Dr Maria He, is Blue Sky's doctor and manager. She is compassionate about the children, and is truly the reason for Blue Sky's success. Prior to joining Blue Sky, Dr He worked full time at the Railway Hospital of Beijing. She spent her free time volunteering with many different charitable groups, mostly helping orphans, the disabled, poor and elderly. She was also a volunteer at the medical foster home that Tian Bao came from, and met Tania. She helped Blue Sky initially as a volunteer, but was eventually convinced to work full time. She and Tania both share the same passion for helping the less fortunate, and aside from orphans, we have managed to help poor folk as well.

Tania & Dr Maria He with Giulia, Sasha & Tian You, April2006
Great Wall with the pink ladies !
Giulia with her new baby sister in May 2006. Don't they look alike?
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Since opening in June 2004, the number of children BlueSky has helped as of 22-jul-08November 15, 2008


A Medical Foster Home for Orphans in CHINA