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WenJie in 2004. Adopted and lives in California !

Quick Needs List

Medical supplies: antiseptic solutions, diaper creams, cough and cold medicines, Sterile Individual wrapped rubber gloves, Ventolin medication for nebulisers

High Calorie Formula for low Birth Weight babies

Multivitamins & Calcium Supplements!

Hand disinfecting gel

baby wipes

We are located in Chaoyang District, in Beijing, China





To help China's orphans and children from poor families receive the necessary medical treatment & nurturing environment to improve their lives.

Blue Sky Healing Home is a small, private medical foster home in Beijing, CHINA, We exist to help orphans and children from poor families from all over China, receive the medical care and surgeries needed.   Our home provides these children with a loving and clean environment to heal their wounds and nurture their physical capabilities. We are able to provide the one-on-one attention and specialized care needed bythe children that most orphanages simply do not have the manpower for. And for poor families, we aim to provide the means before the families have no choice from lack of funds to abandoned their children.  

Children are referred to our home by various foundations or volunteer groups that sponsor surgeries for orphans, or by the orphanages directly. Our outreach efforts also has us visiting lesser known orphanages where we assess children's needs accordingly, and take responsibility to provide the child with the care needed.   Some children come to us post-surgery and simply require extra care while in recovery and follow-up visits to the doctor. Other children require us to make all arrangements for their surgeries, which we try our best to find the best surgeons and hospitals in Beijing.  When the children are admitted into hospital, one of our staff will accompany them throughout their stay, as a parent would.  

We have up to 20 children in our care, with various medical problems ranging from heart problems, bladder exstrophy, anus imperforation (born without an anus) to cleft lip and palate, bone deformities and joint disorders. Originally, all children were cared for in one house (we started with 6 kids only in 2004!), but with the severity of some of the children's conditions, we have expanded our operations and have 2 house now. Our Healing Home unit cares for children with more severe conditions, while our new unit Blossom House unit cares for children who have mostly recovered and are in waiting for adoption or that are longer term with us due to their ongoing therapy. We have a third house rented just as staff lodging and storage.

Blue Sky was founded and is run by Tania Hoahing-Goh, a Singaporean, together with Dr Maria He, from Beijing, and several dedicated volunteers that make up the volunteer management and medical teams. Blue Sky has 15 full time staff, made up of child caretakers, cooks & cleaners. We mainly rely on private donations from individuals and volunteer groups to keep running and helping more children. Our main expenses at the home are Staff Salaries, Diapers & Infant Formula, House Rentals, Food & Utilities, while other expenses include medicines, hospital fees, transport costs, which vary month to month. Sometimes we have to fundraise for specific children's surgeries that are beyond our limits, but each time so far, we have been fortunate that sponsors have come forward to help with the expenses. We sincerely thank all our supporters who have helped the children through the years.


Please do visit our new website above with modern day navigation. We can't bear to revamp our 12 year old original website (this one) despite the many kind offers to help with the execution. There's just too many memories here, and while we do know it's a mess, we are sentimental (and also don't have the energy for the effort needed).

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Xiao Bin was born with Apert Syndrome. His Story...

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