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Ji De, male, was born in May 2004, and was our first resident at BlueSky. He was born without an anus and suffered 21 days after birth without being able to have a bowel movement. He was finally brought to Beijing for surgery to route his large intestine through to his stomach, creating a colostomy. He will need to undergo 2 more stages of surgery once he is in a more stable condition. The first stage is to create the anus, after which we will have to continually dilate his anus to help the muscles develop. The final surgery will be to close the colostomy when he is able to use his anus on his own. We expect Ji De to be resident with us for about a year, and we will see him through all his surgeries.

Fu Kang, male, was born in November of 2002 with a congenital heart defect called Ventricular Septal Defect. He is under medication, and hopefully the opening in the dividing wall between the 2 lower chambers of the heart will close.

Wen Jie, male, was born in October 2003 with Hirschsprung's Disease. He recently had surgery to cut off the portion of his colon (large intestine) that was affected, and is now recovering nicely.

Dang Tong, female, is 3years old, and underwent open heart surgery on June 24th.

Liu Gang, male, is an 8 year old with mild cerebral palsey. He recently had spine and foot surgery, and is undergoing physical therapy at our home.

Xiao Ling, female, is 17 years old with glaucoma in her right eye. She is staying with us temporarily while visiting with a surgeon in Beijing. Returned to Xining on 5th July04.

Yang Tian, female, is 6 years old and has scoliosis. She is having surgery on July 8th with a visiting paediatric orthopaedic surgeon from Stanford. Returned to orphanage on 23July04.

Yang Mei, female, is 2 years old and has scoliosis. She is having surgery on July 7th. Returned to orphanage on 23July04.